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Shah Rukh Khan’s ex-employee just revealed 10 SHOCKING information about the actor

We bet you didn’t know some of them for even we’re coming across this side of SRK for the first time! Check it out

Who doesn’t want to know what Shah Rukh Khan as a person is like? Probably some Salman Khan fans because of the fan rivalry, you see. But apart from that, knowing more deets on a celebrity’s personal life might be considered as gossiping but it’s also called curiosity. Being such a magnanimous star that he is, everybody wishes to know more about King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh. I personally, would want to know what SRK as a person is and how unaffected or affected he is with his crazy huge stardom. Well, we might just finally know the real SRK (as an employer, that is) straight from his ex-employee’s words!

Here’s what he had to say about Khan as a boss –

“I worked at SRK’s home office for a year. I’ll be going anonymous because I’m still working in the same industry.”

1. He’s a gentleman

“He’s a superstar of the highest order & this is the 21st Century, but he would still always open the door for an average female employee like me & let me pass first.”

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